A Welll of Being: A Podcast by Mr. Wildenfree
#6 - On Wellbeing | Overcoming Overwhelm & Overthinking
September 2, 2020
On today's episode, we will battle overwhelm & overthinking together, & define ways in which we can overcome these troublesome mind states.
Touch Points: 
  1. The Notification
    • We must develop the awareness of the issue every time it occurs.
    • This awareness is your opportunity to pivot. The sooner you can reach this awareness, the better your chances are for changing the flow of your mind.
  2. Self-Compassion
    • No matter how difficult it gets exercising mindfulness, so long as you are kind to you & that inner child, you can rescue yourself from your own mind & jump out of over-thinking & overwhelm.
  3. Decisive Action
    • To take decisive action, is to have a direct, intentional impact on your capacity for growth.”

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